She Simmers about our Kaffir lime oil

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Thai food blogger Leela from She Simmers included our kaffir lime leaf Essential oil on her list of favorite food items for 2011.

“I hate dried kaffir lime leaves. I really do. They’re useless as far as I’m concerned”‘, she writes. “But now you have another option in the absence of fresh kaffir lime leaves. When added in small amounts towards the end of the cooking time, this concentrated kaffir lime leaf essential oil gives you that familiar fragrance that is so fresh and so natural that it will be as if you had used fresh kaffir lime leaves. This is very useful when it comes to a dish wherein the fragrance of kaffir lime is essential, e.g. panaeng curry, Thai fish cakes, Hor Mok.

Thai Food Essentials makes some high-quality kaffir lime leaf oils. Check them out.”

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