“The taste is perfectly authentic”

The French food blog La plus petite cuisine du monde has mentioned our kaffir lime essential oil in a post about the famous northern Thai sausage Sai Ua. This spicy sausage contains quite a lot of Thai herbs, and kaffir lime is an essential ingredient. The writer, Claire Pichon, mentions how hard it is to […]

Home made kaffir lime chocolate

Here’s an excellent idea we haven’t thought of: adding kaffir lime essential oil to pure cocoa butter and cocoa, to create unique falvored top quality chocolate. Our friends Imbar from “sun kissed foods” and AsItIs were experimenting with adding various essential oils and spices to their home made chocolate.

GC-MS analysis of our kaffir lime oil

For the benefit of researchers, essential oils professionals and enthusiasts, we publish the results of a GC-MS analysis of our kaffir lime oil. This analysis doesn’t say things like “good” or “bad”. It just shows the main contents of the oil (36 different substances).

kaffir lime in the US: the legal status

Apparently, kaffir lime trees tend to carry a plant disease called “greening”, which destroys other citrus trees, like oranges, lemons etc. That’s why agricultural authorities in different countries, including certain states in the US (Mostly citrus growing states like Florida) forbid growing kaffir lime. In those states, authorities use trained dogs to find the forbidden […]

Kaffir lime and gin ice cream

Serious Eats published what seems to be a really good recipe for home made ice cream, infused with kaffir lime leaves and a dash of gin. If you wish to try it with our kaffir lime leaf essential oil, skip the part of the recipe that deals with infusing the half and half with the […]

Chef Ottolenghi’s yoghurt & kaffir lime spread

Yotam Ottolenghi, chef of Ottolenghi and Nopi in London, published a recipe for a yogurt spread with kaffir lime leaves. For some reason, Ottolenghi suggests using dried kaffir lime leaves, ground into powder, but we reckon you can use 1-2 drops of kaffir lime leaf essential oil instead and have a fresher taste. Check out […]

She Simmers about our Kaffir lime oil

Thai food blogger Leela from She Simmers included our kaffir lime leaf Essential oil on her list of favorite food items for 2011. “I hate dried kaffir lime leaves. I really do. They’re useless as far as I’m concerned”‘, she writes. “But now you have another option in the absence of fresh kaffir lime leaves. […]