About the oil

Using and storing the kaffir lime leaf essential oil

It is best to store the oil in a fridge. This will prolong its shelf life from 6 months (in a cool, dark place) to 12 months. The production date is (hand) written on the label. Note that the oil doesn’t go bad after 1 year, but the aroma is weaker.

In order to adjust the essential oil for cooking purposes, the pure kaffir lime leaf oil is diluted with 95% organic cold pressed sunflower seed oil, chosen for its neutral taste. The sunflower seed oil also protects the aromatic qualities of the kaffir lime and makes them last longer.

Kaffi lime oil bottles
Kaffi lime oil bottles

Although we also offer pure kaffir lime oil, we strongly recommend using the diluted oil for cooking purposes, as it is much easier to control the quantities and avoid excessive dosage. If you add too much oil to the food, it might not taste as authentic as the real thing.

Even in its diluted form, the oil is a strong and concentrated product: a single drop can have a strong effect, so be careful with the amounts you’re using. Unlike other spices which you can use freely in cooking, it’s necessary to be precise when cooking with essential oils.

The pure (100%) oil can be used by professional cooks who want to dilute it themselves or cook large quantities. It can also be used for aromatherapy treatments and cosmetics.

Don’t add the oil straight from the bottle to the food. Drip it into a spoon first, to gain better control over the quantity.

The oil reaches its full potential when added at the end of the cooking process. See more cooking tips here.


Dropper cap
Dropper cap

The most important factor is the type of food your cooking. If it’s a cold dish, like a salad, you can start with 1 drop per 250 gr of salad. If it’s a fried dish, you’ll need to start with 4-5 drops per 250 gr. If it’s soup or curry, start with 1-2 drops per 250 ml. See more on that subject on our cooking tips page.

Watch a video about the oil’s production process