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Kaffir lime oil bottle
Kaffir lime oil bottle

We recommend the 5% oil for home and professional cooking, as it is perfectly adjusted so that you don’t use too much of it by mistake. The kaffir lime oil is diluted with 95% organic sunflower seed oil, chosen for its neutral taste. 1 drop will season 1 serving (250 ml) of cold food, and 2-3 drops will be sufficient for 1 portion of a hot dish. Read how to store and use the oil. Regular shipment takes 2-3 weeks. If you want express shipment (4-5 days), contact us.

5% kaffir lime leaf oil, 10cc, $12

We ship internationally! Shipping costs: $4.50 for the first bottle, $1.00 for each additional bottle


Pure kaffir lime oil is available for aromatherapy treatments and cosmetic uses. Please contact us if you’re interested.