Don’t settle for substitutes: Cook with Kaffir Lime Leaf essential oil

Thai and other Asian cuisines often require fresh kaffir lime leaves, but these are not easy to find in other regions of the world. Frozen leaves are not always available, and many food lovers resort to dried leaves, that totally lack the aroma of the fresh ones.

Motivated by the need for that fresh taste, we came up with the concept of cooking with essential oils. Our biggest challenge was to produce kaffir lime leaf oil and adjust it for cooking purposes.

Kaffir Lime leaves play an essential part in some of the most famous Thai dishes, like Tom Yam (spicy sour soup), green curry, Paneng curry (red curry with peanuts), Jungle curry, Tom Kaa (coconut milk and galangal soup), Tod Man Pla (fried fish cakes), Hor Mok (steamed curry) and many more. It can also be used (in non-Thai dishes) for deserts, pastries and stews.

Kaffir lime oil bottle

Kaffir lime oil bottle

The essential oil retains all the goodness of the leaf, which in most Thai recipes is not meant to be eaten, and is only used for its aroma.

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